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Author|Actor| Motivational Speaker| Original Freedom Writer

Darrius Garrett is a dynamic figure whose journey from the streets of Long Beach, California, to becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration is nothing short of remarkable. Rising above the challenges of his environment, Darrius transformed into a New York Times bestselling author at a young age with his co-authorship of "The Freedom Writers Diary," a groundbreaking work that later inspired the acclaimed 2007 film "The Freedom Writers," featuring Hilary Swank. In the movie, Darrius's compelling story was immortalized through the character of Marcus, a portrayal that resonated deeply with audiences.


Beyond his literary accomplishments, Darrius's creative talents extend to music, having penned the poignant song "Change" for the film's soundtrack. His efforts as a Freedom Writer have garnered him prestigious accolades, including the Spirit of Anne Frank Award and the Crystal Apple Award, affirming his dedication to promoting tolerance and empowerment.

Darrius's impact reaches far and wide, as he has shared his inspiring journey with esteemed figures such as Miep Gies, former U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley, and the iconic Harry Belafonte. His story has been featured on renowned platforms including Primetime Live with Connie Chung, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and NPR, as well as in prominent publications like the L.A. Times, the Long Beach Press-Telegram, and the Associated Press.


Continuing his mission to ignite positive change, Darrius has authored a compelling collection of poetry titled "Poetic Thoughts" and is set to release his forthcoming work, "Diary of a Freedom Writer: The Experience." A sought-after motivational speaker, Darrius engages diverse audiences, from at-risk youth in schools and detention centers to educators, social workers, and political leaders. Through his message of hope, tolerance, and action, Darrius Garrett inspires others to embrace their potential as catalysts for transformation in their communities and beyond.

What Happens at an event?


Darrius Garrett is a dynamic and influential speaker with over a decade of experience captivating diverse audiences worldwide. With a compelling life journey marked by overcoming adversity, Darrius fearlessly shares his personal narrative of resilience, redemption, and empowerment.

Growing up without a father and navigating the challenges of incarceration, Darrius found himself at a crossroads. However, through his association with the renowned Freedom Writers movement, he discovered the transformative power of education and self-belief. Darrius emerged from his struggles not only as a success story but also as a beacon of hope for others facing similar trials.

As a world-renowned speaker, Darrius effortlessly bridges the gap between the streets and the boardroom, connecting with audiences from all walks of life. His message resonates deeply, inspiring individuals to harness their inner strength and drive positive change, whether in personal growth or community development.

Darrius offers tailored presentations to suit the unique objectives of each event, typically encompassing a one-hour timeframe. His impactful sessions blend engaging storytelling with insightful commentary, leaving audiences moved, motivated, and ready to embark on their own transformative journeys.

While there may be a speaking fee associated with Darrius's services, the investment is invaluable, offering an opportunity for profound growth and empowerment. Additionally, attendees have access to Darrius's motivational materials, including books, music, and tapes, with proceeds directly supporting meaningful causes.

Book Darrius Garrett for your next event and experience the transformative power of his message firsthand. Together, let's inspire change, one story at a time.


Darrius has been the co-recipient of many awards and acknowledgments for his accomplishments alongside his Freedom Writer Family. Through Darrius's speeches, he has inspired youth and adults alike, including those considered at-risk, incarcerated, suicidal, and those who have dealt with bullying, mental health issues like depression, and PTSD, much like he has. He has influenced many to set goals for themselves and aspire to improve their lives by reforming themselves into model citizens and embracing the gift of life we've all been granted.

Within his speeches, Darrius encourages most to become natural leaders and dream chasers, unafraid to try new things. He has also aided teachers in connecting with their students, helping them become award-winning and innovative leaders, akin to Erin Gruwell's impact on him and his cohorts. This is achieved by simply listening to their students and collaborating closely with others to enhance student success both inside and outside the classroom.


 Former Clients/ Events 

National University - Costa Mesa, CA.* CIS - Long Beach,CA.*Santa Fe Youth Services -Ft. Worth, TX.* Youth Links  - Minniapolis, MN * West Seneca Youth Bureau - West Seneca, NY. * Americorps - Buffalo, NY. * Century Community Charter School - Inglewood, CA. * Chester Middle School - Chester, SC * Workman High School * Youth Empowerment Conference - Frankenmuth,MI. * Woodrow Wilson High School - Long Beach,CA. * Dorothy McElhinney Middle School - Murrieta,CA. * Troy University - Troy, AL * The Morgan School - Clinton, CT * Onondaga Community College - Syracuse, NY * Kearny Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility - San Diego,CA.* International Elementary School - Long Beach, CA. * Deerfield Beach Middle School - Deerfield Beach, FL * The G.A.P.S Foundation - Beaverton, OR. * San Antonio High School - Claremont, CA. * Outreach Program - Poughkeepsie, NY. * National Day of Service - New York, NY. * North Hennepin Community College - Brooklyn Park, MN * Hennepin Technical College * Minneapolis Public Schools * Youth Wellness Conference - Indian Wells,CA. * Bailey Middle School - Nashville,TN.​


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