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Darrius Garrett, born on November 9, 1980, in Long Beach, California, emerged from the crucible of the East Side, a neighborhood gripped by the harsh realities of poverty, drugs, and gang strife. Yet, within this tumultuous backdrop, Darrius dared to dream big, envisioning a future where his voice would resonate through the corridors of entertainment and literature.

From his earliest days, Darrius was marked by his mother's description of him as a plump child bursting with imagination and a fervent love for music. This innate creativity propelled him on a trajectory that eventually led to his co-authorship of the groundbreaking "The Freedom Writers Diary," a tome that would find its place among the prestigious ranks of the New York Times Bestsellers.

Inspired by the valiant exploits of the "Freedom Riders," Darrius and his cohorts formed "The Freedom Writers" in 1995, setting the stage for a narrative that would reverberate across continents. The cinematic rendition of their tale, epitomized by the character "Marcus" portrayed by Jason Finn in the acclaimed film "Freedom Writers," seamlessly weaved Darrius' own trials of homelessness and inner-city strife into the fabric of the silver screen, with luminaries like Patrick Dempsey and Hilary Swank breathing life into his journey.

Expanding upon his saga, Darrius penned his memoir, "Diary of a Freedom Writer," a poignant chronicle spanning the years from 1992 to 2011. With new literary endeavors on the horizon, Darrius endeavors to enrapture audiences with his unparalleled gift for storytelling, shedding light on themes of resilience and mental fortitude.

Beyond the realms of literature, Darrius wears his mantles as a husband and father of four daughters with unwavering grace, endeavoring to serve as a beacon of strength and sagacity in his community. Drawing from the wellspring of his own experiences and the wisdom of mentors, Darrius seeks to impart invaluable life lessons and advocate for mental health awareness through his impassioned speeches.

With an unwavering dedication to his craft and an indomitable commitment to the betterment of humanity, Darrius Garrett stands as a testament to the transformative power of storytelling, inspiring and uplifting hearts one narrative at a time.





Major credits as an author:

  • Freedom Writers Diary​​

  • Poetic Thoughts​​

  • Freedom Writers Diary (20th Anniversary Edition

  • ​Diary of A Freedom Writer​​​​​ (2013)

  • IamDarrius: The Diary of a Freedom Writer (2025)


Major Credits as an actor:​

  • We the people with Gloria Allred


Music Videos for :

Post Malone

Travis Scott


Micheal Kiwanuka​​



Snoop Dogg



Major credits as a Rapper/Songwriter:

  • Life Happenz album​

  • Change - Freedom Writer Motion Picture Soundtrack

Motivational Speaker

Darrius has presented:​

National University



Santa Fe Youth Services


Youth Links


West Seneca Youth Bureau


Philanthropy / Mental Health Advocate

Major credits as Philanthropic/Mental Health Advocate:

  • Created Garrett Group Nonprofit Foundation (GGNF)

  • Donated to the Lemphoma/Cancer Foundation & various churches, synagogues, and places of worship

Dad / Father Figure

The Garrett Family.png

Freedom Writer

In 1994, Darrius Garrett emerged from incarceration, propelled by an intense desire to reshape his life. His path guided him to a classroom where he crossed paths with Erin Gruwell, an esteemed educator celebrated for her knack in fostering the latent talents of her students and unveiling their innate brilliance. Bound by parallel stories and dubbed the Freedom Writers, Darrius discovered himself emboldened to adopt a fresh mantle: a harbinger of profound change, transcending his prior limitations.

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